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i am really sad to be leaving soon. i am going to miss it here, i am ready for my final to be over with, but i still have 2 more days for that one! my parents get here in 2 days as well, and then i get to do fun stuff again!

i am kinda ready to head home tho. em already left for her field camp in t he outback, i am just ready to see friends again. i am going to miss the crew here, but they arent my UT crew. me and jenn were talking yesterday, and we know that we will prolly keep in touch, and i hope i stay in touch with everyone, but who knows!

i really just dont wanna study for this exam. i am just not feelin it, i have almost had too much time for it, and i am a procrastinator. i have had over a week to answer these questions, and i am almostdone, but i just dont feel like doing it anymore! ARG, cant wait until my fam gets here!

i shipped half my stuff home yesterday. i sent it to ut b/c it is going to take 2 months, so guys u might have to wait a little while before you get gifts because most of it was in there!! sorry!

off to review!

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new zealand

sorry it has taken me forever to update this, but alas it has, i have been very busy. anyways, new zealand was totally awesome, i loved it there, i want to move there!! well onto the trip, as you know i went with jenn, her boyfriend matt and my friend kat. we did a 6 day tour of south island

we got our rental car early in christchurch and just basically drove across to the west coast through arthurs pass. it was a bit of a crappy day, but i still loved driving so i was happy. the mountains are amazing. there were tons of waterfalls and creeks anda all along the way. we made it to the west coast and drove up north to see the pancake rocks, which were cool. it is like the 12 apostles in melbourne but i think cooler. they basically have waves crash on them and at times it looks like a geiser. then we drove south down the west coast to where we were staying for the night, in Franz Josef. the YHA was nice, and it had a sauna and jenn cracked me up because she ould only handle like 5 mins of it, and i was loving it. i wish i had a book because i would have sat there for hours!

next day me kat and jenn did the glacier hike, which was totally cool. matt couldnt go because of his ankle, but i loved it being just the three girls! anyways, the hike was a lot of fun, it was cloudy in the morning but cleared up a bit in the afternoon. they gave us these boots and all to wear, and by the end all 3 of us were in pain! but we had fun, so it was all good. we then basically grabbed something quick to eat and then started our 10 hour drive to Te Anau. i wish we didnt have to do half the drives at night because it was apparently an amazing drive!

we arrived in Te Anau late and had to get up early to figure out seakayaking. we put matt in charge of it since he had nothing to do, and of course it got screwed up. so i had to call in the morning and woke the poor person up and asked if we could get on it, and basically paid for the 4 of us to go and then they paid me back. sea kayaking on the milford sound was amazing tho. it wasnt my favorite activity, but the sites were amazing. it was a beautiful day in the afternoon and we got amazing pictures. of course we finished the drive towards the evening which was kinda annoying because it was another pretty drive, but we stopped along the way a lot for pics. then we had to drive to queenstown that night.

we arrived in queenstown that night and basically just crashed. we had no plans for the next day because we kbew anything could be figured out in the morning. what eventually happened was all 4 of us did a jetboat in shootover canyon, which was really cool. then we kinda wandered around the city, and i decided i was going to bungee jump and kat was going to hangglide. matt and jenn were still undecided, and basically he stormed off, so me jenn and kat were going to go watch me bungee. then we found him, jenn got out and me and kat went to bungee and then later we both went hangliding. i got to go at sunset off of the remarkables which was totally cool! then we all had dinner together adn then crashed because we had a really early morning.

next day we got up uber early and i drove us through sunrise straight down to Invercargill and hte bluff which are on the south points of the island. then we went to Dunedin to see the penguins and such. we did this tour which was kinda cool, where we watched the yellow eyed penguins come in from feeding, which was cool. then we got dinner in town and figured out the hostel we were supposed to stay at was closed for the winter, luckily we found another one.

then we woke up earlyish and drove back to christchurch where we did a gondola and all. it wasnt what i was expecting, but it was cool all the same. we kinda wandered around for a while and then me and kat went to return the rental car, oh i miss the white wizard! the wizards poor breaks were screaming like hell too, whcih was really annoying and we hope we dont get charged for. it was hell trying to find the hostel because roads just randomly ended, and they wouldnt on our map! me and kat were at a yha and jenn amd matt were somewhere completely across the city! we had to walk to meet them ebcause we had no way to contact them and it was a 45 min walk, which was ok but we were starving. we got a pizza, and then kat went to the atm, and somehow her major credit card got dropped in the little trash slot, i mean what are the chances! then we were stressing about that, then we got some suveniers for people.

me and kat made it back and then crashed for the night. we had a 6am international flight so we had to be picked up at 330 am! we set me alarm, but for some odd reason i started panicing in the middle of the night and thought it got turned off, and we were all out in the hall and ready to go, and i looked and it was only 130 am! honestly, i was stupid, and we had packed up our sheets and everything, but whatever, we went back to sleep and got up at the right time. we flew from christchurch to sydney to brisbane to cairns. it was a long say of flying, i got sick on thr flight and had to study for my final the next day. i basically just thought to hell with the final, i only needed a 7 % to pass.

anyways, i have been doing a lot of studying and such, and the last few days i have been doing whatever. all of us (me jenn matt em shelly kim, ally jess and christina) all went down to the casino for thrusday night, i only lost 10$ so i did alrighty. then we just wandered. the next day me jenn and matt came downtown and wen tto the esplanade to swim and get some sun. then we wandered for a while and eventually went to see xmen 3, which was pretty good, i think i might have liked the first ones better tho! i dont know, i liked it but i am not sure what to think. and jenn and matt were yelling at me b/c i made them stay until after the credits because everyone said so, and we did and saw it. yup.

now i have been just trying to get work done and failing miserably. oh, and my bloody insomnia is back, that is always fun. MY PARENTS ARE IN NEW ZEALAND RIGHT NOW>>>>ALMOST TO AUSTRALIA!! yeah my parents are finally over here! cant wait until they actually arrive on friday after my exam!

anyways, this has been a really long entry, sorry. anyways, love ya

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all i have to say is new zealand is the best place in the world..i wanna move there for the rest of my life, no joke! i will write later about the best trip ever, but i gotta study for a final i have in the morning (815 AM on a saturday morning!!) and after 16 hours of flying and airports since 330AM this morning coming back from Christchurch, i kinda dont feel like it, plus i only need a 7% to pass and get a C in the states!! i am shooting for higher, but i dont know how well i will do, no motivation whatsoever!!

love you and missed you...let me know when to call and tell u about it b/c it was amazing!!

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new zealand is absolutely amazing! i love it here. we arrived late last night in christchurch, got up early and got our rental car (the white wizard). i drove 4 hours across Arthurs pass, it was a rainy cloudy day which really sucked because it is like gorgeous, but we saw some of the mountains and i love it. we drove up to the pancake rocks and they were totally aweesome. my friend had gone to the 12 apostles and said these we like 20 times better...good call daddy!

now we are in franz josef, we have our glacier hike tomorrow morning! so uber excited it is not even funny. then we drive down to te anau to go sea kayaking, we dont have that planned yet, but we are working on it! then queenstown to whitewater raft, bungee and possibly hot air baloon at sunset! i love it here, i want to live here, i love it here!! new zealand is like 20 times cooler than oz, everyone needs to come here now. a week just isnt going to do it justice! i feel like there is soo much morre to see, and we are rushing...out of to study!
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packing for new freakin pumped am i!!

climbing a glacier
sea kayaking
bungee jumping
whitewater rafting
hot air ballooning
scenic flight
LOTR sites
penguins and much much more!

those are just a few oh the possibilities!! honestly, i could really care less that i have a final exam the day after we get back!
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i am soo jealous of people having time to hang out and all. i was walking back from class with cassy, and we were talking, and we were like everyone at home is done, and we arent. we are at the point where we really dont care too much, a pass (50%) is a C back home, so i am ok with that, i am sure i can pass all of my classes, so i am not too worried. but i a, worried about myself not really caring. i am just getting too excited about New Zealand. kat IMed me tonight, and was like...cant wait!! and then i just started packing. i cleaned my room because i didnt feel like doing research. i am having issues finding stuff on these stupid bandicoots. i talked to andrew, and i might be able to have my paper sent back to townsville to get it re-looked at and see if it deserves a better marking. i hope so, and if it is a lot better, then ni wouldnt have to write this paper, i just dont want to.

finishing my nuclear family paper today. jessee is looking at it tonight and she is totally cracking me up, she is soo excited to read it, i am so over with it so at least someone is enthusiastic about it!

anyways, back to the research, just wanted to update since it has been a while. ps it was soo good talking to everyone the other day (IE, sarah, adam, jill, steph and then jessee today both for like an hour each) i miss everyone, i need to call people more. anyways, the papers are calling!


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so i still havent decided about my paper on bandicoots if i really wanna write it. it would require a lot of research right before my exams and before i leave for NZ. i still have a bunch to plan for that and i have to finish another paper and all. i did my presentation today and it went really well, i am expecting an HD or at least a D+!!! i cant decide people, should i take my chances on the final, or write the paper...right now my pass is a C back home, at least i think, stupid kathy ward doesnt ever answer any of my questions (sorry a bit bitter because she could have saved me a lot of stress if she wasnt so busy, they just need to hire someone to help her!) anyways, i am back to writing a paper on whethere conservatives are mis-guided in assuming that for a well-balanced child they need to grow up in a nuclear family with a mother and father...i have plenty to say about this one, i just have to find the research that backs my opinions!! i am on my way tho, except a lot of things contradict themselves, which is really annoying. i am actually going to try to finish it by tomorrow night so that i can hang out with weekend and begin working on making notecards!! i think we are doing the skyrail this weekend since everyone has their friends here this week.

emilys boyfriend jacob arrived sunday
allys 2 brothers arrived tonight
jess's friend christina gets here tomorrow
jenn's boyfriend matt comes friday
allys 2 friends come saturday

that is all i think, but that is a lot. my family doesnt come until the for that!! i wish my friends and sister could have come too, but i know it is really expensive and all..

well back to my paper...miss you all

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frustrated like no other

so in australia, it is very acceptable, and even strived for to just pass a class. that isnt kosher with me. we wrote an essay a long time ago, and just got our grades back, and i barely passed and my friends didnt even pass. i dont know how we could fail an argumentative essay when we had decent points and info to back it up. so now we have the option to write another essay that will lower the percentage of that one...right now the essay is 33% and the final is 66%. we were supposed to have a field trip write-up and have the break down as 25 25 and 50. i dont know if i should write the essay because i know i can prolly ace the final since we are given all of the questions, and i have 8 dyas with nothing to do but study for it. any thoughts people, i am really on the fence for this one...

and i have no motivation to write the rest of my papers. this weekend i have finished my one paper, and then done nothing. i was getting ready to get started on the next, but everything just isnt going right. the printer breaks, i find out about classes, people come back, the skin on my fingers is peeling off, everything is just an issue...

so i emailed kathy ward about how grades transfer back, and she was saying each school was different, but that i have that info in my pre-departure packet...what the heck is that!! i dont think i ever got that, so i have no freakin clue. i looked around on my computer for it, and only found the class transfer list. and guess what...i am a dumbass!! i could have made my next 2 semesters a little lighter over here if i had payed attention. this is what my class says...Satisfies elective in BIO/ENV/MSB major, core (vertebrate) in MSB major, and of course me being who i am stops reading after the first bit, so think it only comes back as an elective. so i am signed up for vertebrate next year when i dont need to and i could have taken another elective over here and made it so i only needed 7 science classes.

i am really frustrated right now about everything and anything. i cant handle this, i dont do bad and i think i have taken too much on. i am SP pres, i am taking 8 science, 1 psych and senior sem, gateways mentor and who knows what else. i am honestly not going to have any fun, and i could have lightened it over here...instead of taking 2 crap classes like i am. what a waste. and sophomore year why didnt i know about the overload process?? i could have taken something then too, i think it is just going to come down to i am going to be so stressed and have no free time next year

and i am stressing about travel. i am going to new zealand in 2 weeks and i dont even have a plane ticket. i dont have a rental car, i dont have places to stay, i dont know where i am going. matt who is going with us is in a cast so isnt going to be able to do a lot of things, we were waiting to find out if he was going with us. it is costing a lot more because of this. i am going to have to put the rental car in my name i think because i am 21 and able to drive, but we will take turns, me kat and jenn. ugh. i hate things being up in the air. i have essays to write, a presentation to work on and finals to study for. it has been nice to have some relaxation over here, but i am wondering if it was the wrong move. i have been wanting to come over here my whole life, and now i feel like i am just stressing until no tomorrow about it.

i honestly just feel defeated, and i am not sure that has even happened to me before. like everything is out of my control and that i have just made too many errors that have been building up to this. i know i will make it through this, but i am just loosing heart, i need some comfort and i dont get that here. and all i wanna do right now is call my mom, but it is almost 1am there, so i can. and it is mothers day, so i cant even bitch about it because i dont wanna ruin it for her.

i am sorry if this isnt my typical happy entries, but i am just not like that right now.
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been a while!

sorry, it has been a while since i updated here!! well today i started the day off catching bandicoots at 7am! this is what a bandicoot is if u were wondering ( ). mine the prof let loose and jumped on me, just startled me, but it was ok. we will do it again tomorrow morning too, maybe i will go to bed earlier so that i can get a bit of sleep!

last night we highlighted my hair. kim did a really good job at it, we did foils because we hate the caps. it was really funny because nobody really knew what was going on, but i wanted it done, so was like just do it, i dont care! it looks good tho. it took forever, when they took out some of the bottom ones, they had these crazy reactions, but it looks fine!

lets see, i have been getting random extensions on all of my papers, which is almost worse because i dont get them done until the last minute, because if i do it in advance, i change what i did before, so it is better to jsut do the research adn wait til the end to write it!

last weekend we all went to port douglas. me and jenn kinda broke off and did some shopping on our own, and got lots of gifts for people! i still have no clue for some people, but i got a lot of stuff done!

other than that it has been pretty typical, it is so funny because the TV shows over here are just getting to where they were when i left home months ago!! it is all good tho, it was a nice refresher for most of them!

anyways off to take a shower and then maybe do a little work before my class at 2!!

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the best weekend ever!!

ok, so this weekend was a totally awesome weekend!! friday was a typical friday, but saturday morning we got up and rented a car for the day. it was the teal terror as we called it, half broken car that when we picked it up he poured water in the radiator!! i started out driving, but ally put the car in her name, and was freaking out, so she drove the rest of the time basically. it was me ally jenn em and shelly in the car and we had a blast! we drove out to innisfail (where the cyclone hit) and saw the damage and went to paronella park, a really cute castle like place. then we went back into town to get lunch (subway) and then started towards the waterfall circuit. we did a really good job navigating because there were no road names on maps, and somehow we always ended up at the right places!! it was gorgeous where we were driving through, we were always passing cameras around the car to take lots of pictures. we went to milaa milaa waterfall, which is a famous waterfall and we went swimmiming in it. it took a little convincing of the others, but i got em and jenn to go, and ally was all about it, shelly just said she was going to take pictures. we walked behind the falls and swam around and had fun. then we went on driving to the rest of the falls. it was funny leaving that one a guy on a 4 wheeler was herding his cows across the road around us. some of the other waterfalls were closed because of cyclone damage, but one of them me em and ally went on and just climbed on a tree to get pictures of, it was amazing. then we drove into some random town for dinner, but along the way we saw the curtain fig, this huge tree that took over another. when it was dark, we had to drive around this mountain, and it was so hilly and curvey that poor ally got a really good arm workout because the power steering was HORRIBLE!!! she killed a cane toad (good thing, they kill everything here) which was really funny! thnw we made in back to the apartments and all crashed pretty early because we had a long day!

sunday we all went on a snorkel trip. it was me jenn ally em and shelly and jess and kim were with us today. it was a little sailing boat that took us out to green island, and we snorkelled around a bit and had fun. me and jenn hung out for most of it, but we didnt see much cool stuff except on the boat we saw a sea turtle and two black tipped reef sharks. i wanted to hop in and swim with them, but they were feeding the fish so i thought otherwise, plus i dont think they would have let me. then afet lunch they took us to green island to be on the island for a little while. it was such a sunny day, we lounged in the water, and then sunbathed for a bit. me jenn ally and kim went exploring around the island for a bit, but then we went back to the boat to snorkel again. my friends all made fun of me because i was so ready to head into the water. when we docked i dove right in, and then i had to wait until the end to get to snorkel because i was at the back of the line. it was suhc a nice day tho, but we all ended up geting burnt. i burnt in the parts that had been peeling from last week, so it looks kinda funny, but oh well.

now it has been back to getting work done. i have my movie paper due that i am done, and now am starting on a pysch research paper that we dont really know what it is about because we didnt get to pic it and didnt do the work. it is hard writing up something that you havent done any work for, i just filled out a survey for it and all. it is due next monday, but later today i have a tutorial for that class, and i am just going to ask question after question about it. well i gotta get to working!

miss you all!!

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